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The Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC) is one of the largest research centers in Russia.
The Institute has a developed scientific and research and design-engineering base, unique test facilities and pilot production.

International Scientific and Technological Conference


Youth robot competition
«RTC Cup»



«Center of  popularization of  Robotics»



Journal “Robotics and Technical Cybernetics”



Key directions of development of scientific and technological activity:

  • Creation of mobile robotic systems and transport manipulating systems of different environments
  • Intellectualization of control systems for robotic systems and their groups
  • Creation of information support for robots
  • Creation of microrobotics tools and miniature robotic systems
  • Creation of systems of radiation monitoring, intelligence and control
  • Creation of mechatronic, photonic, laser and optoelectronic systems
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