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Engineering and manufacturing complex (EMC) of RTC has a great experience of manufacturing electronic devices and precision mechanical components, which can also be used in extreme conditions. RTC has implemented the certified quality management system, the company has licenses B and BT for the development and manufacture. All the activities are carried out under control of QCD and the customer’s representative. Constant improvement of manufacturing processes and quality control methods allow to comply with the most stringent requirements applicable to the products.

The production basis includes equipment and highly qualified professionals for the performance of the following activities:

  • mechanical metal-working by cutting (turning, milling, CNC milling, locksmith, coordinate boring, flat and round grinding operations);
  • fitting and assembly, welding, installation work (including installation of printed-circuit boards of 4-5 classes, installation and assembly of units);
  • production of printed circuit boards;
  • application of galvanic (anodic oxidation, followed by chromating or dye solution dyeing, galvanization, galvanization with chromating, chemical oxidation) and paint coatings;
  • production of cables.

We offer the following services to all interested parties:

  • Full production of unique electronic devices and precision mechanical components
  • Production of individual parts, assemblies and units of any complexity
  • Production of cables
  • Application of galvanic and paint coatings
  • Production of the transport packaging

All the activities are carried out with use of our own equipment, by our own employees, from our own material or the customer’s material, with the possibility of production quality control. The finished products are shipped in the customer’s container or in our own package through self-collection or delivery by the freight forwarder.

Address: 194064, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Tikhoretsky Prospect 21
Chief Engineer: Ulyanov Vladimir Ivanovich.
Telephone: (812) 552-12-15
Fax: (812) 552-41-81


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